The Singles Ward – Movie Review

Right off the bat, I must say that this movie isn’t very non-member friendly. It’s very much a satire of the LDS Single lifestyle. But one must know that while reading a Mormon Blog, many of the things listed here won’t be all that familiar with those who aren’t of the LDS culture. One need not worry about language or sexual themes, however. It’s a great family film.

“The Single’s Ward” plays off the all-too real worries that many single adults have within the LDS community. Sadly, it seems that many people get caught up in the rush to get married, and unfortunately, that’s what happens to the main actor, Johnathon (Will Swenson). After his (convert) wife looses faith in the Church after only a year, she resorts back to her alcohol and cigarettes, and soon after divorced. From there, Johnathon’s once-strong faith begins to waver, and he himself finds himself on a slippery slope towards inactivity.

One day, after a strange set of circumstances, Johnathon finds himself stranded at an LDS Single’s Dance (the horror!) He meets a beautiful young girl, Cammie, who is serving in the ward as the Activities Director. There’s only one small problem: She had called him earlier to invite him to a Church activity, and he rather rudely told her off. Jonathon must now make things right and prove to Cammie that he isn’t the jerk that he had made himself out to be.

The most enjoyable part of the movie, obviously, is the way the film perfectly portrays the LDS Single’s Ward. You find yourself connecting well with the characters who often come off as low, picky, desperate, and pathetic as they go throughout their dating life. While the movie certainly plays off the all-too-real stereotypes of each member, you find joy as you see some of the cast members slowly being paired up. This film also makes fun of many of the oddities of living in Utah, and to some extent, gives someone a rather true comical look at who Mormons really are.

The only downside to his film is that it has a rather isolated audience. I fear that converts of any age group other than young adults with have a hard time relating to this film, and even worse, those who have no knowledge of the Mormon faith. It will really alienate those who have yet to experience the single life that the film parodies. Many LDS members live in areas that don’t really have a Single’s Ward or even access to what it may be like.

While I highly recommend this film to those who are looking for a clean, comical film, I would caution against those who don’t feel well versed in Mormon humor.

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