The MTC: A Peculiar People

Only at the MTC will you find:

  • More than 3,000 college students who are happy to go to bed at 10:30pm or earlier.
  • That the ironing boards in the hallways are used for everything BUT ironing, i.e. Taking “Matrix-type” pictures.
  • Teenagers singing the First Vision. In more than 30 languages.
  • People asking you, “Where are you going?” before asking, “Where are you from?”
  • People saying, “I have to bear my testimony to you before I am allowed to use my email.”
  • People getting asked on a date for two years in the future.
  • Backwards peepholes on all the doors that look into the rooms instead of out.
  • Boys sniffing old letters that smell like their girlfriends’ perfume.
  • A prison-like experience, except without visits or your one phone call, and people are happy to do it!
  • A musical shower experience, in which you will treated to the vocal harmonies of everyone in the surrounding showers. Don’t be alarmed if there are various off-key renditions of Disney songs or the rare country-fying of “Secret Hour of Prayer.”
  • That water bottles in the gym present a fire hazard.
  • People fight to get to the mailbox first.

There’s nothing quite like the MTC.

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