Quotes About Missionary Work

“Consider missionary work. Young men, you have no time to waste. You can’t wait to get serious about preparing until you are 17 or 18. Aaronic Priesthood quorums can help their members understand the oath and covenant of the priesthood and get ready for ordination as Elders, they can help them understand and prepare for the ordinances of the temple, and they can help them get ready for successful missions. Melchizedek Priesthood quorums and the Relief Society can help parents prepare missionaries who know the Book of Mormon and who will go into the field fully committed. And in each ward and branch, these same quorums can lead out in an effective collaboration with the full-time missionaries who are serving there.”
-D. Todd Christofferson, Priesthood Session Oct. 2012, “Bretheren We Have Work To Do.”

“One of your important responsibilities is to help prepare the world for the Second Coming of the Savior. Missionary service requires sacrifice. There will always be something you leave behind when you respond to the Prophet’s call to serve. The blessing of bringing others into the gospel far outweighs anything you will ever sacrifice. Your mission will be a sacred opportunity to bring others to Christ and help prepare for the Second Coming of the Savior. The sun never sets on righteous missionaries testifying of the Savior.”
-Neil L. Anderson, Priesthood Session Apr. 2011

“The decision to serve a mission will shape the spiritual destiny of the missionary, his or her spouse, and their posterity for generations to come. A desire to serve is a natural outcome of one’s conversion, worthiness, and preparation. Missionaries strive to follow Jesus Christ in both word and deed. ‘They preach of Jesus Christ and of His Atonement. They teach of the literal Restoration of Christ’s ancient Church through the Lord’s first latter-day prophet,’ Joseph Smith.”
-Russell M. Nelson, Oct. 2012 General Conference, “Ask The Missionaries”

“I felt impressed to offer him specific suggestions concerning missionary work and how he and his members could help the full time missionaries in their labors in his area.”
-Thomas S. Monson, “Consider The Blessings”, Oct. 2012

“Missionary work is the lifeblood of the Kingdom. May I suggest that if you are able, you might consider making a contribution to the GENERAL MISSIONARY FUND of the CHURCH.”
-Thomas S. Monson, “It’s Conference Once Again”, Apr. 2011

“One of the greatest sermons ever pronounced on missionary work is this simple thought attributed to ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI: “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” Opportunities to do so are all around us. Do not miss them by waiting too long on the road to Damascus.”
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “On The Road To Damascus,” Apr. 2011 General Conference

“President Thomas S. Monson explained how we can help when he said: ‘Our missionary experiences have to be current. It is not enough to sit back and ponder former experiences. To be fulfilled, you have to continue to naturally and normally share the gospel.’ The work of naturally and normally sharing the gospel with those we care about and love will be the work and joy of our lives. Let me tell you about two such experiences.”
-David F. Evans, “Was It Worth It?,” Apr. 2012 General Conference

“Your faith, religion, and profession of religion, will never save one soul of you in the Celestial Kingdom of our God, unless you carry out just such principles as I am now teaching you. Go and bring in those people now on the plains, and attend strictly to those things which we call temporal… otherwise your faith be in vein.”
-Henry B. Eyring, “The Caregiver,” Oct. 2012