The devil decided to come out one day
And consult with two imps while they were at play.
“I want you two helpers to give me a plan
That will bring down to hell each woman and man.”

The first imp thought, and then he said,
“My plan will get man to hell when he’s dead.
Let’s tell mankind that there could not be
A heaven, nor hell, nor eternity.

“And what a man wants he can go out and steal;
He can covet and lie, be immoral, and kill.”
But the devil said quickly, “Man isn’t that dumb.
We’d get quite a few, but not every last one.”

“I want a good plan that will capture them all
And entice all mankind to sin and to fall.”
The second imp said, “I know a way—
Just get mankind to put off each day

“His repentance to the God up above,
Their Creator and Savior who is full of love.
Let us go out, and the world we will tell,
‘There is a heaven; there is a hell.’

“Let’s tell them the truth—they must not commit sin,
For if they don’t repent, their souls Satan will win.
But don’t worry today to repent and do good;
Just wait till tomorrow to do as you should.

“When another day comes, you’ll have plenty of time
To do the Lord’s work and to ‘let your light shine.’
Put off good today and do it tomorrow,
For time is one thing you always can borrow.”

The devil then said, with a wink of his eye,
“Now that is a plan I think I can buy.
Tell men to procrastinate repenting today,
And to eat, drink, and be merry, and go on his way.

“And soon man will see it’s too late to repent
And he has been fooled by the evil serpent.”
We now know the story of the devil so sly.
So repent now, not later—live with God when you die.


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