One Good Man – Movie Review

I don’t think it would be overkill to rate “One Good Man” an artistic masterpiece. The director creates a film that should only be called superb at the very least. This movie really is one of a kind. Whereas most directors these days try to create impelling and intense drama through the use of special effects, obnoxious noise, nauseatingly-fast action, violence, sex, and nudity, Christian Vuissa creates an outstanding film but with difference devices. Instead of shouting, he whispers. Instead of playing loud inspirational music, there’s silence. The way in which the film runs, he uses our own imaginations and emotions to keep us glued to our seats, our minds thinking, and our spirits high.

This film is about a good LDS family facing normal, but difficult pressures. The lead role is the father, who feels that he simply can’t handle one more task. But life doesn’t quite work out as we had planned. He is called as Bishop. His daughter is engaged. His Son returns home from a Mission, and so much more. Instead of finding characters that create conflict within themselves for the sake of drama, Vuissa gives us a functional family and a functional marriage who behave like adults and do all they can to fix problems and manage the struggles of life. They do the best that they can. Sometimes, things work out the way that they had planned, and other times, they don’t. Sometimes the efforts that they place forth are noticed, while other times they aren’t.

Through the entire film, the director shows us that a real-life drama can be attention grabbing and heart-felt without the use of crude language.

Although I loved the film and recommend it to anyone, I felt that there could have been slightly more of a plot. But that doesn’t affect me from giving it a 5/5 review. Viewers who aren’t of the LDS (Mormon) faith may not really understand all of the “lingo” or terminology used, but it is still easy to see the underlying theme and will undoubtedly be touched by this film.

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