9 Myths About Mormons

1. Mormons worship Joseph Smith

While we do see Joseph Smith as the man who restored the true Church of Jesus Christ, we definitely do not worship him. We respect him and are very grateful for the sacrifice that he placed forth for the entire world, but we do not worship him. The only people we worship are God the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. None else.

2. Mormons don’t believe in the Bible

Due to the Book of Mormon, many believe that we throw the Bible out the window. Not true. The Bible contains the largest account of the living ministry of Jesus Christ. We use the Bible hand-in-hand with the Book of Mormon. And to have one without the other, it wouldn’t make sense. There are things that are included in the Bible that simply aren’t in the Book of Mormon. And vise-versa. Without the two of them together, we wouldn’t have the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ.

3. Mormons baptize corpses

False! Gross! This comes from the fact that Mormons do “Baptisms for the dead.” But we don’t actually baptize corpses. In the Temple, there is a large basin of water (called the “baptismal font”) in which we do proxy baptisms for those who have passed away. From the Bible, it’s made clear that baptism is a required ordinance to return to live with God again (John 3:3-5). But what about those people who never had the chance to be baptized in this life? Are they simply lost? No, of course not. That’s not fair. So we do perform vicarious baptisms for the dead, but we do not actually baptize corpses.

4. All Mormons are Republicans

According to this article, 59% percent of Mormons nationwide identify themselves as Republicans, compared with 14 % who say they prefer Democrats. The remainder classify themselves as independents. But I hardly believe that 59% constitutes the wording of “all”. Also, this survey was taken in Utah, which has a large Mormon population. The numbers for the rest of the world are unknown.

Personally, I am Republican. But I do know many members of the congregation who are vote Democratic as well. I think the large number of Republicans in the Mormon Church is due to the conservative values taught and handed down over time.

5. All Mormons live in Utah

Obviously, this is false. I’m from Washington State originally, and that proves this myth wrong instantly. However, yes, a large population of Mormons live in Utah state. Due to the trek West in the 1840’s, and the settling in Salt Lake City, a large portion of Mormons live in Utah. A survey taken in 2010 showed that 13-14% of all Members of the Mormon Church live in Utah.

Throughout the rest of the world, the numbers stack up as follows:

 United States – about 6.1 million
 Mexico – about 1.2 million
 Brazil – about 1.1 million
 Philippines – about 630,000
 Chile – about 560,000
 Peru – about 500,000
 Argentina – about 380,000


6. Mormons aren’t supposed to drink caffeinated beverages

Contrary to popular belief, Mormons can indeed drink caffeinated beverages. Caffeine is somewhat frowned upon, but there are no actual official statements within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints saying that caffeine is against the Word of Wisdom, the law of health. This Word of Wisdom is what prohibits members from drinking Coffee, Tea, and smoking tobacco.

7. Mormons are not Christians

The definition of “Christian” is: “A person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.” Under this sense, Mormons are absolutely Christian. In fact, the full name of the Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shows that Mormons really are Christian. Although Mormons have slightly different views on Christianity than most Churches, Jesus Christ is definitely the main focus of the religion.

8. Mormons practice polygamy

It is true that in the early days of the Church, polygamy was practiced. Polygamy has since been outlawed and anyone caught practicing polygamy is excommunicated (kicked out) from the Church. An official statement entitled “Official Declaration 1” explains more the specifics on polygamy.

Today there are “Mormons” who still practice polygamy. However, these are different branch-off groups that have since broken away from the Church, but continue to label themselves as members of the Mormon Church. These groups are known as the FLDS and RLDS.

9. Mormons have lots of kids so they can increase their kingdom in the next life.

Mormons are widely known for having large families and, indeed, about half of all Mormons (49%) have children under age 18 living at home, with one-in-five (21%) saying they have three or more children at home. There are various families who exceed this average. However, there is no doctrinal point anywhere that says that an increase in family size in this life will provide exceeded gain in the next.

1 thought on “9 Myths About Mormons

  • I am a mormon and very active. I am in the Plainfeild/Avon ward. I can not wait until we finally get a seprate building in Avon, Indiana. So there you have it I am know for being a mormon in my class and I make a great missionary. I am glad that I am a mormon and will continue to be one for as long as I live.

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