12 LDS Talks that Changed my Life

The other day, someone asked me, “Do you have a list of all of your favorite LDS talks?” In fact, I do! This isn’t necessarily in any specific order, although I do think that this first one listed by Brad Wilcox is by far my favorite. So give them a read! They’re great! It’s hard to say that only some of them are my favorite, because I have so many!

1) “His Grace Is Sufficient” – Brad Wilcox

2) “Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments” – Jeffrey R. Holland

3) “Book of Mormon Examples: Forgiving Others” – Keith J. Wilson

4) “Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence” – Jeffrey R. Holland

5) “The Bitter Cup and the Bloody Baptism” – Jeffrey R. Holland

6) “But if not…” – Dennis E. Simmons

7) “Come What May, and Love It” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

8) “Hidden Wedges” – Thomas S. Monson

9) “The Miracle of a Mission”, October 28, 2000, Elder Holland

10) “Lock Your Heart”, Latin American Mission Tour, 1968, Elder Spencer W. Kimball

11) “Zion in the Midst of Babylon”, April 2006 General Conference, David R. Stone

12) “Ten Ideas to Increase Your Spirituality”, March 1999 Ensign, Joe J. Christensen

Do you have any others here that aren’t listed? Send them to me! I’d love to here some of your favorites!

16 thoughts on “12 LDS Talks that Changed my Life

  • One of the talks that I use as a benchmark for organising my busy life…”Good, Better and Best’ By Dallin H Oaks. Another of my all time favourites is “The best 3 hours of the week’ by John Bytheway.
    Love the post. I am going to check out the talks I have not heard.

  • you listed one of my faves, Holland’s “Cast not away, therefore, thy Confidence”. Another that I don’t see is a real oldie by BK Packer. “The Arts and the Spirit of the Lord” given sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Well worth the time it will take to track it down.

  • Elder Holland’s-To Young Women. I refer that to many many people right now. It helped me out and with all these teenagers (my sister and cousin included) worried about their weight and trying drastic measures, I can’t help but show them that talk in hopes it will help them the way it helped me. Elder Holland hit the mark on that one perfectly. Definitely one to pass on to ALL women, not just the young women. Beautiful talk. Very inspiring.

  • Most of these talks I know and love.  I look forward to studying the ones I don’t know.  Thanks for sharing!  I am partial to talks given by my mission president, now Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy.  He shared these talks at length during my mission and they truly changed my life.  
    -Agency and Love in Marriage 
    -What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be
    -Agency and Anger
    -Oil in Our Lamps
    -Tithing—a Commandment Even for the Destitute
    Then, of course, there’s the talk Beware of Pride given by President Ezra Taft Benson. Life changing!  I’m motivated to restudy these talks again.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is a talk I could listen to every day—and did !  Now I listen when I need to refocus.  It’s best to listen to him deliver it, rather than just reading it.

    The Way
    Lawrence E. CorbridgeOctober 2008 General Conference

    • That’s my mission president! Listening to that in General Conference was just like zone conference. I’m glad you like it!

  • One of my favorites for defending the Book of Mormon is by Tad R. Callister: The Book of Mormon — A Book From God. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2011/10/the-book-of-mormon-a-book-from-god?lang=eng&query=tad+r+callister

  • So many of my favorites have already been mentioned, but I want to add:

    In Gratitude for the Omniscience of God by Rex Butterfield
    Learning the Healer’s Art by Elaine S. Marshall
    The Cost of True Discipleship by Cammile Fronk
    Lessons from the Potter and the Clay by Camille Fronk
    Lessons from Liberty Jail by Jeffrey Holland

  • Many of my favorites are mentioned. I look forward to looking up the ones that I am not familiar with. Thank you for this list! A staple on my list is most definitely: The Challenge to Become – Elder Oaks! This is life changing and also very doctrinal, cannot be missed! Thanks again!

  • Many of my favorites have been mentioned, but here are a few that have not been mentioned, especially for the Sisters serving. Having served a mission as an Hermana, I feel we have common needs, but also have unique challenges. I love Sister Beck and I think she speaks directly to the heart of our sisters. So…
    “Teaching the Doctrine of the Family”-Julie B Beck, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion, Satellite Broadcast Aug 4, 2009
    “In the World but Not Of the World”-Julie Beck BYU Womens Conference 2005
    Elder David A Bednar
    -“Things as They Really Are”-CES fireside May 3, 2009
    -“A Reservoir of Living Water” CES fireside Feb 4, 2007
    -“Seek Learning by Faith”-address to CES Religious Educators, Feb 2006 This is a must read for everyone!!!
    Boyd K Packer
    -“Truths Most Worth Knowing”-CES devotional Nov 6, 2011
    -“The Candle of the Lord”-from a talk given to new mission presidents June 25 1982. Ensign Jan 1983
    President Ezra Taft Benson
    -“The Power of the Word” April Gen Conf 1986

  • I know this is an old thread but I’ve been here many times over the last couple of weeks to enjoy the talks listed here. Great list! A couple favorites of my own:
    God is the Gardner by Hugh B. Brown
    Profile of a Prophet by Hugh B. Brown
    None Were With Him by Jeffrey Holland (I think Jeffrey Holland shows up on everybodys list, doesn’t he?!)

  • When my husband and I served a mission in Nigeria, Africa and Pres. Ezra Taft Benson gave a talk that all of the missionaries were brought to different areas to hear. The talk has always been very special to me and it was this talk that he gave that was called “Beware of Pride.” this was in 1988 or 1989.

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