LDS Sacrament Program Template

I’ve been simply amazed at how popular the LDS Baptism Program Template has become on here, and so I’ve decided to go ahead and create another downloadable template, but this time for a Sacrament Program. If you notice, it resembles the Baptism Program template quite a bit, as I used that to go off of. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been amazed at how poorly some of the Programs look when I walk into Sacrament meeting. Okay, now, it’s obviously not a huge deal, but every little bit counts, right? I’ve created, what I think, is an attractive program template which can easily be downloaded and edited.

If there are any changes that you’d like made or anything that needs to be added, let me know. I’m always looking for improvements!


LDS Sacrament Meeting Program Template (Microsoft Word Format)

3 thoughts on “LDS Sacrament Program Template

  • I have been using the “LDS Sacrament Program” template I purchased from your company for our weekly bulletin. It is a hit in our ward! Everyone loves it!
    However, the bishop recently called another member of the ward to take over the responsibility for setting up and printing it each week. This sister cannot afford to pay for your template, and we are not comfortable giving her our credit card information. Is there a way I can prepay you for the template, but have it sent to her email address for downloading? I look forward to hearing back from you.

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