LDS Baptism Program Template

So, as I’ve searched the internet for good, free, baptism program templates, I’ve realized that there aren’t any! So I went ahead and created one that looks nice, stylish, and doesn’t suck. It’s free for use! Go ahead and download it here. If you like it or have any changes/suggestions, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!

You’ll notice that there are two different version. One comes with the front cover, another one comes without. Some people choose to buy pre-made baptism paper from Deseret Book or other places. If you still wish to use this template, you can select the “no cover” version. If you don’t already have this paper, you can select the version that comes with the cover already.


Baptism Program Template – No Cover (Microsoft Word)

Baptism Program Template – Cover (Microsoft Word)

Programa del Bautismo – Spanish (Microsoft Word)

3 thoughts on “LDS Baptism Program Template

  • Thanks! This worked out great. And you’re right, it doesn’t “suck”. You cracked me up, I was laughing the whole time I was creating the program 😀

  • Thanks for the template. It sure made things easy. One minor issue I had was that the scripture on the left doesn’t fit the space and I had to change the font size.

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