34 Ways to be a Happy Missionary

1) Let yourself stretch. That’s what a mission does to you. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not crack under pressure.

2) 50 push-ups in the mornings feels good. Don’t just do sit-ups in bed!

3) For at least one day each week, completely refrain from thinking about home.

4) Homesickness means you are fortunate enough to have a fantastic family. Be grateful, not mournful.

5) Eventually you’ll get good at eating all the food on your plate.

6) Buy Sticky notes…they will be used.

7) Start your Mission Journal a couple of weeks before you leave the MTC. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn looking back.

8) Bring an extra pair of glasses or contacts (if you wear glasses).

9) Get to church early. Get to everything early.

10) Practice recipes before you get into the field. Or at least bring some with you. Once you’ve left the MTC, grilled cheese and cold cereal starts to get old.

11) Memorize D&C 4, Your Purpose, and the Standard of Truth.

12) If you play piano, memorize as many hymns as possible to play at a moment’s notice. They WILL hunt you down.

13) Remember, the Lord blesses the families of missionaries.

14) Get in the habit of exercising regularly before you leave. It’s a hard switch all at once.

15) Know how to budget and don’t go out to eat a lot. The money they give you is sacred ($1 menus work occasionally)

16) Eat a good breakfast every morning. Sometimes you don’t get a good lunch.

17) Leggings under skirts if you’re biking. Watch your miles carefully if you’re blessed to have a car.

18) Learn what annoys your companion…and do it on occasion. 🙂

19) Keep a copy of an already prepared talk for when the Bishop or Branch President calls on you to speak randomly.

20) Laugh.

21) Cry.

22) Pray. A lot. He understands.

23) I have a testimony of going to bed on time at 10:30 and getting up at 6:30. Somehow your body will have just enough energy to last the day.

24) Write your family weekly, not weakly.

25) Fasting should prayerfully be considered between you and your companion and for a special reason.

26) Help with the dishes at dinner appointments.

27) You’ll have bad days. Keep ice cream in the freezer for this purpose.

28) Buy fruit!

29) Don’t “coo” at any dogs before you walk inside. They probably won’t like you.

30) Microwave popcorn saves lives.

31) If you don’t approach a stranger, the answer is already “no”.

32) Names not numbers.

33) For those tough days, remember your feelings when you first opened your Mission call.

34) Smile. It’s the only curve that sets everything straight.

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