Entertaining Children in Sacrament Meeting

Whether you’ve been a member your entire life, or you’re an investigator new to Church, it’s pretty obvious to see that kids can get pretty restless during an hour and a half-long Sacrament Meeting. Nursery and Primary are taken care of with toys, activities, songs, sharing time, and snacks, but what about the painfully long first meeting?

It’s never pleasant to have half the ward staring at you as you chase your child up and down the aisle. I’m sure many of you have shared in this experience after coming to Church unprepared. Or perhaps you’ve just been on the other end where you wish you could render some service for that Mom trying to juggle four kids with only two arms. After all, there is only so much coloring a kid can do on the backside of a Sacrament program.

Coming armed to Church with a few extra low-cost (and super easy to obtain) items, we can certainly help this situation. Many of these items I’m sure you already have laying around the house. Keep in mind that these are mostly designed for small children, and most likely won’t keep infants or pre-teens entertained. But those that fall in the age range of 2-10, these should keep them occupied for a little while, and help you to listen to the speakers and feel the spirit in the meeting.

Bring any of the following:

  • Coloring Book (the dollar store has a large selection)
  • Notebook/Pad of Paper
  • Activity Pages/Coloring Pages from the Friend (They have mazes and crossword puzzles, etc)
  • Crayons/Colored Pencils
  • Stickers
  • If you have a smart phone/iPad, the App Store is full of games to entertain the kids

Obviously, it’s not necessary to haul in a wheelbarrow full of supplies each and every week. These are just small and simple things that you can throw into a bag quickly and take with you. I think this probably needs to go without saying, but I figure I’ll mention it anyway. Activities that are really messy, such as paint/pastels, glue sticks, and little cut up pieces of paper probably aren’t a great thing to bring. Remember that Sacrament Meeting is the entire reason we go to Church, and so the activities should keep the children occupied, but not be irreverent.

Personally, because the Sacrament is such a sacred meeting, I prefer to give kids something that refers to the Gospel and sanctity of Church, rather than a Spiderman/Batman coloring book. Fortunately, the Church has provided some free printable coloring pages. Those can be found here.

This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list. What are some of the different things you do to keep your children calm and reverent during Sacrament Meeting? Let us know, and we’ll add them to our list here to help out everyone!

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