Courageous – Movie Review

My Mother is known for being a stickler when it comes to media. And I absolutely admire her for it. I wish I were the same. The problem is that if I were to hold movies to the same standard as her, I would watch a new film maybe once every three months.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve found a film that I would be comfortable watching with her. It’s called “Courageous.” Watching it last night, I was very impressed by the fact that there was no sex, nudity, innuendos, or profanity. There is, however, violence and drug usage. But I felt that even with that, it was vital to the theme of the movie, the main characters being police officers and all, and that comes with the job.

The movie opens with four police officers talking about their home lives, and the lack of fatherly figures as they were being raised. They then determine that the gang activity that they encounter each and every day at work would be significantly reduced had fathers just done their jobs in the home. After one of the main characters has a tragic event pass in the family, he’s determined to make things right. He inspires his fellow co-workers and community to make a change in their lives and to be that correct fatherly figure in the lives of their respective families. The foundation of the movie has a lot of Christian values and the characters base a lot of their success and accomplishments to their God.

It’s a really inspiring and uplifting film. So, if you want a good family-flick to watch, I would highly recommend this one. My evaluation of the movie doesn’t do it justice. Watch it. It is a little long, though. At just over two hours, you might want to set aside a good chunk of time.

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