45 Things to Know Before Entering the MTC

Just got your Mission Call Letter? I remember it so fondly. Ah. Regardless, I’ve compiled a list of 45 things to know before entering the MTC. It’s a list of things that I wish I would have known prior to my entry, and I’m sure it can be beneficial to you as well.

1. Get extra fruit from the cafeteria during meal times. It will come in handy at night time when you’re hungry.

2. Pack everything you’re going to need for Day 1 in one suitcase. It’s much easier.

3. The 2nd floor of the main gym has carpet which is good to do lunges and stretches.

4. Use your whole gym time. Your body will love you for it.

5. Take a picture on your first day (or at least before you leave) at the world map sign (down the hall, outside the cafeteria).

6. Find your Mission President on the wall across from the world map!

7. Instead of a lanyard to carry your MTC card and key around, you can purchase “slidey-clips” at the bookstore for around $2. You can attach them to your pants (Elders) or dress/skirt (Sisters) and they extend out to reach any door. All the cool people have them.

8. Bring a backpack/sidebag/purse to carry around all your things (a sidebag would be better. The Missionary department is slowly phasing out backpacks).

9. Buy an MTC water bottle. When else are you going to be able to buy one?

10. Don’t shake hands during flu season! Shake elbows instead. 😉

11. Bring lots of family pictures!

12. Bring string for your key so you can tie it to your clip. (That way you can avoid to cutting string off your scripture bookmarks)

13. Mark your suitcases with duct tape, ribbon or some other marking system to differentiate yours from others. It will save you time and hassle.

14. There are no CDs or music allowed in the MTC.

15. Bring your own blanket. It will bring you a lot of comfort that first night.

16. Your classroom is your assigned classroom. You never switch your entire stay there, so feel free to leave all books, dictionaries, paper, pens, and even your bag in there. You shouldn’t have to worry about stealing… You’re in the MTC for crying out loud!

17. Sisters, buy those little socks that fit inside your flats.

18. Bring snacks in your suitcase. Even with all the food here, during 6 hours of class time, it comes in handy.

19. Bring a fold-able laundry bag for P-days.

20. They have caffeine free Coca-Cola in the vending machines!

21. You can buy birthday cards and print pictures in the bookstore.

22. Bring your own hangers, just in case. If you don’t want to waste the storage in your suitcases, you can buy them at the bookstore for relatively cheap.

23. Don’t stress. Just like in the Temple your first time, there are tons of people to help you if you get lost or confused.

24. The elders (or Sisters) who greet you at the curb when you first pull up are there to help you! If you have any questions, ask them.

25. Serve your companion!

26. Love your companion!

27. After only a few days, you’ll get the hang of how the MTC works.

28. Day one = crazy hectic.

29. Day 2=much better.

30. Make it until your first Sunday, and you’ve got the MTC in the bag.

31. Chocolate ice cream every Wednesday!

32. Elders receive $6 each Wednesday on their MTC cards to spend. Sisters Missionaries receive $8.

33. If you’re there in the Summer, turn heat temperature in room down when you first get in. It takes forever to cool down. Likewise, turn the heat up if you’re serving in the Winter.

34. Sing hymns in the showers. Or Disney songs.

35. You can wear your garments in your room, but must be covered when walking in the hallways.

36. Tylenol PM is a lifesaver the first couple of nights, just in case you have a hard time sleeping.

37. While taking a shower, if you hear a toilet flush, jump out of the stream of water as quickly as possible (you will get burned!)

Advice from Current Elders for those about to enter:

38. You will be teaching investigators the 2nd day you’re there. Be prepared and study the lessons.

39. Study with investigators in mind and how you will teach them.

40. Go on splits with the missionaries currently serving in your area as often as possible.

41. Read Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel before you come.

42. Immerse yourself in the language, but be sure to —

43. Study the PMG lessons before language study…seriously.

44. Bring a good razor with you!

45. Bring an extra pillow and a sweater.

1 thought on “45 Things to Know Before Entering the MTC

  • Don’t forget some clothes soap..you can buy some there..but get some in a baggy from home.
    Take pics for your door and walls..temples, family, quotes..etc and laminate to peel off for entire mission.
    Plan for holidays and send peel and stick Christmas trees and have ornaments with quotes on them to help.

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