14 Creative Ways to Find New Investigators

1. Sing while you walk

Hey, people might think you’re crazy, but at least they’ll notice how cheery you are. And it’s always a conversation starter!

2. While exercising

During morning exercises (whether jogging or walking), yell “Good Morning!” to people across the street. When they respond, pretend you can’t hear them. Cross the street to talk to them. Always make sure to wear your nametag while exercising, and carry a pass-along card or two.

3. Balloons!

In the grocery store parking lot, hand out balloons that have “Mormon.org” written on them. Or, attach mormon.org cards at the bottom of the balloons. It’s a great activity for either just you and your companion, or you can do it as a group finding activity with your entire District/Zone!

4. Windows Down

While driving, have your windows already rolled down. It’s much less creepy pulling up to someone. Blasting Mormon Tabernacle Choir never hurts, either.

5. Sing at Nursing Homes

Old people can never turn down music sung by a younger audience. And they’re always willing to listen. Be courteous and let them talk as well.

6. Different Names

People are much more willing to talk to you if you’re not looking specifically for them. While knocking, ask for the “Smith family”  or for “Karlee.” If that name doesn’t match theirs, you’ve already got the conversation started!

7. Mix it up

Don’t be boring and say, “Hi. We’re Missionaries from the Church…” Lame! Start the conversation with, “You remind me of my friend from home…” or, “I love the flower arrangements in your yard…” Be creative! There are a million different ways to start a conversation.

8. Make people interested

Since you can’t proselyte in stores, teach your companion Lesson One while shopping on P-Day. But do it loudly to attract attention. Or, carry a Book of Mormon with you, but cover the name with your hand. You’d be surprised how many people are curious what book you’re reading.

9. Ice Cream!

Stop the ice cream man — for more reasons than one. 🙂

10. Water Bottles

Hand out water bottles to joggers that say Mormon.org on them. A big package of 24 bottles costs less than $2 at Walmart.

11. Barcodes!

The new Mormon.org cards have a barcode on the back. Because Missionaries don’t have smartphones, ask a stranger if they could scan it for you, because you’re curious to watch the video. Then, watch it together.

12. Talk with everyone

Really, there’s no secret to finding. People will tell you that there is, but there isn’t. The key is to talk with everyone. If you want to baptize everyone you see, you have to talk with everyone you see. Be yourself, put your fears away, and talk to everyone that passes you by.

13. Parks

Especially on the weekend, parks are great locations to find large groups of people. I found that when people aren’t behind the security of their own front door, they are a lot nicer. Plus, you spent a lot less time walking. Give it a try!

14. Smile

Smile! Everywhere! People will want to know why you’re so happy.

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